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March 21, 2014

Came away Monday 29th April and Paul saved our bacon as we only phoned up on the morning we started out. Said he was full for the bank holiday but he jiggled things around and said he was squeeze us in. Well squeeze was not the word because the size of the pitch was great (we don’t have an awning although room for one if we had wanted). Plenty of room for others as well. We couldn’t get the tow ball off the car but Paul came along with a friend and helped again. Very friendly.

The wash block – one for men and one for women with plastic shower curtain in the shower and lots of room to dry yourself, and two toilets in each one. They were always spotless and had lots of toilet paper. There is a pot wash area under cover but Paul said they are knocking this down and thinking of having a washing machine put in.

The grass is cut quite close and clippings picked up which we like.

Yes it is only a short distance from the A1 which it is the reason we stayed on this site, but you only heard a humming sound in the distance which did not affect us. There is also the occasional RAF jet going over but only during the day.

We have booked until the Tuesday after bank holiday and would definitely stay here again. There is lots to do in the area.

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